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Okay, so they tell me to write the bio, but I'm the new guy. Go figure.

Booth 9 started out back in the summer of '95 I think. Nathaniel, Jeff, and Justin all played instruments and wanted to start a band. So they get together and practice, if you wanna call it that. As the story goes, they continued "practicing" their Nirvana and Green Day covers for a few more years, changing names from Pink Melon, Shower Curtain, Elysium and the Petrified Mummies or some stupid-ass name. I'm not exactly sure when, but somewhere along the line, this poseur kid named Kenny fell into the picture as the band's new singer. I've only talked to this kid like three or four times, but he's just got that "i'm-a-dork" personality, ya know? So needless to say, after "writing" several NOFX and Soundgarden songs for the band, Kenny was booted from the band fairly soon. I guess the name change to Booth 9 happened in '98 maybe, named after a booth in Pizza King that we always used to sit at. About the time that all of this occurred, I was busy with my own rock and roll cover band Tenacious E (fuck you, we were good). Tenacious E played at Barnabe's coffee shop in Greenfield one night last year, and Nathaniel was working there. So he was like "Dude, I like your band." Hopefully he was just humoring me. We start talkin and he mentions something about his band needing another guitarist. So I say alright that's cool and I go ahead and practice with this band. It sucks hard. All I had with me was a tiny little practice amp and you couldn't hear my guitar at all. That and I didn't say a damn word the whole time and I had a hangover from the night before. But they kept me anyway. Justin was part of another band, The Goon Squad, so we didn't get to play near as much as we would have liked to. Nevertheless, we played as much as we could have, mostly headlining the Fortville Lion's Club cabin that we had rented out. After a while, we started getting real shows. We played at the Purple Underground for about seven people including Smedley, followed by a pretty well-received show at the Emerson for fourteen people, three of which thought we were really great. Also about this time I had joined the other Greenfield punk band, CYA on lead guitar. That band was fun, but we broke up really soon after I joined. So after all of this crap happened, there was a big period of nothing. About this time, we realized that something was wrong, so in order to "fix" things I quit playing guitar and started singing lead. Result: less muddy sound, louder yet crappier vocals. Oh well, you give a little you get a little. We recorded some shit with various people, including the Daver, Jaymo, Woody, and Roger "ilikequakealot" Baker. We just recently finished compiling all of these recordings into a CD titled "Popular Alternative." You can buy it from us for four bucks.

Booth 9 is a pretty good band with a hardcore punk sound to them. I like us, anyway.



"You guys kinda remind me of the Descendents."
-Ian the vegan, of The Arrested

"Props to that first band for the 'Demonomania' cover! They rocked hard!"
-Mark from Ensign

"Fuck yeah drummer dude! Kickin ass on the drums and shit! Yeah!"
-the drummer from the Bikini Spiders

"You guys fuckin rocked."
-some girl at our first real show (i didn't make that one up)

"You guys would sound alot better if you played some Sabbath covers."
-Nathaniel's dad

"Hey Mr. Pilot, can we get this thing off the ground?"
-Aaron's dad

"Hey thanks to Booth 9 for gettin you guys pumped up and shit."
-guitarist from Corporate Circus (sorry i forgot your name)

-Ty Herin

"Yeah, we're punk like you guys too. Kinda like a mix between Creed and Bob Seger."
-Monkey Kill Human guy

"Whoa... Ya know... I was just like, listening to your CD. And I was like, heh... yeah, rock on!"
-Tom Hoff